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What is Kollaps?

Kollaps is a scalable network emulator that allows to evaluate the behavior of distributed systems/applications on an arbitrary network. In detail, Kollaps has the following features:


Graphical Abstract

Getting started with Kollaps is very simple, and it involves three steps:

  1. Define the network topology.
  2. Deploy the experiment in your existing testbed, whether you are using containers, virtual machines or baremetal.
  3. Execute the experiment and collect the results.

Get Started

For further instructions and to try Kollaps we recommend you check the Installation tutorial, then the Topology Description, and finally to run your experiments How to Run.


Papers and Talks describing Kollaps

Tutorials and talks

Papers/systems using Kollaps


If you want your paper added to this list, get in touch with us, and we will be happy to add it.


Kollaps is the work of many researchers and engineers over the years. The current team is:

Previous team members:

Code and Issues

If you have any problems you can contact us or create an issue in github.